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Energy Healing Services

Woman undergoing Crystal TherapyCrystal Therapy

Crystal healing is an alternative healing technique that employs crystals and other stones as conduits for natural healing energy. They entrain ( stabilize ) the body and promote relaxation, rejuvenation and regeneration of cellular structures. The art of Crystal therapy is non-invasive, relaxing, natural and an enjoyable process. It treats the person holistically by tapping into the emotional, spiritual and physical bodies  collectively.


The secret of crystal therapy is in the structure of the crystal itself. A precisely cut quartz crystal produces a constant vibration of the same frequency of water in its purest state. Pure states of water are found in all healthy cell tissue within the body. These crystals can be charged with pure intent to assist the Mind, Body and Spirit. Since we are made up of almost 90% water, when you charge the crystal with the intent to heal, regeneration begins, dis-ease has the opportunity to be released, and the body begins to heal itself in time. To learn more about how crystal water heals, check out our new product Vitajuwel.

By combining several of these Crystals and aligning them with the body’s energy centers called “Chakras”, one’s vibration is increased, cleansed, balanced, and aligned, thus promoting healing on many different levels.  Each person who receives healing, experiences a different effect relative to his/her own unique conditions, needs, and level of awareness. One common effect among all is that you will walk away feeling rejuvenated, healed on some level and deeply relaxed.




Crystals used in Crystal Therapy



As a certified Crystal Therapist, I will design a specific crystal body layout and treatment plan for you based on t


he areas of healing that your Spirit needs. To find out what crystal prescription your Spirit is calling for, check out our list of crystal prescriptions. To get a sneak peak at the crystal bed (which is included in all crystal therapy ses



sions) that will supercharge your experience check out the crystal bed page! Your first session includes an in depth consultation for treatment planning. You can even bring your own crystals to include in your layout!

1st session with consultation $ 175.00 ( 1 1/2 hr )                                                            

Additional sessions $ 125.00 ( 1 hr ) 

Package Deal : Consultation with initial session with 2 follow ups $ 400.00