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Spiritual Services

Inner Healing offers a variety of professional and spiritual services to everyone. Along with carefully hand picked tools and tricks of the trade, one can easily find themselves engulfed with insights, peacefulness, and vibrational uploads like never before experienced. From Spiritual development, Intuitive readings, and Mediumship (connecting with loved ones who have passed),  to Business Masterminding, Numerology...you won't be disappointed! All services are infused with love and light to insure that each angel that walks through our door is blessed. We pride ourselves in helping one another without need for competition or ego. So, if we can't help you, then we will find someone who can.


 Balancing rock surrounded by water Spiritual Counseling and Development

 With over 18 years of experiece as a Licensed Counselor, Shawn uses a combination of traditional counseling skills infused with higher realms of information to bring forth a deeper understanding of purpose in life as well as a view of the "Bigger " picture. If you're interested in developing your own intuitive skills, exploring higher realms, or discovering how to use Spiritual truths to access Divine information and guidance, then this type of session should be right up your alley. These channeled messages and intuitive insights will enlighten your consciousness and keep you seeking for more. A single session is 50 mins. of discussion with access into intuitive insights from your guides, higher self, Akashic Records, and angelic realm. Fee: $150.00 hr in person or phone consultation. For all weekend sessions please add an additional $50 per session. Consider a 3 pack that allows you to more time for development and save $175! 3 pack sessions can be used and mix matched for all services except The Reconnection.



$150.00 Spiritual Development /Reading                  


$350.00  3 pk Spiritual Development/Reading


  $50 for each weekend session



Intuitive ReadingsIntuitive Readings by Medium

  • Have questions about the future while going through a big life transititon?
  • Feel stuck and need help getting back on track?
  • Need to talk with someone who has more insight into your life and direction?
  • Need some new insight into a personal or business relationship?

Whether you're facing a challenge or life transition, wanting more out of your business or personal life, seeking help with a challenging relationship, or simly just stuck and needing ways to move forward I can help. As a life long gifted Intuitive, I access higher information from realms beyond conscious awareness. I am Claraudient, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, and Claircognizant which means I hear, feel, see, and know more than the normal conscious mind allows. These abilities, which we all have but may not know how to access, allow me to assit you with life's most challenging situations.

During an Intuitive session, you will allow your Higher Self to come through and align with mine as to provide
guidance and insight into your life's direction. Specific circumstances will be addressed and discussed as to point you in a direction that serves your Highest Good. These sessions tantalize you with morsels of information that make life soooo much sweeter, it's like having the inside scoop at the race tracks. Prepare yourself to be amazed and delighted with insights that reach far beyond your wildest dreams and shed miles of light in all directions! Session fee $175.00 hr. in person or over the phone. Buy 3 sessions and save  $175! All sessions can be in person or over the phone and can be mix matched between all services except The Reconnection.


$175.00   single session  (1 hr)



$ 350.00 3 pk (3- 50 min. sessions)



Couple Sitting on Bench in the Clouds               Mediumship Readings                             

Do you wonder if your deceased loved ones are still with you?
Have you ever seen orbs around you in a picture?
Are you in pain over the death of someone close to you?
Do feel certain things were left unsaid before someone passed over?

Over the past 18 years, I’ve delivered countless heartwarming messages from loved-ones in spirit. Each and every reading has deeply touched my soul. The profound healing that takes place for my clients after a mediumship reading is one of the reasons I am so humbled to be doing this work. Yes, love can heal from across the veil! What a blessing to connect with loved ones from the other side of the veil in order to bring forth loving messages, healing, and at times, closure.

Mediumship Readings are a very unique and sacred form of communication that bridges the gap between our world and the after life. Reconnecting to the people you love and miss in spirit can be transformational and uplifting. It also serves as a beautiful part of the healing process of grief. Messages that come forth not only heal but at times can comfort, be a catalyst for frogiveness, complete words left unspoken, and answer questions left unanswered.

As a Spiritual as well as Licensed Counselor, Intuitive, and Healer, I use my gifts to communicate directly with these deceased loved ones to bring forth evidence that they are very much aware of what is going on in your current life and that the love you both shared is still very much alive. Every Spirit wants you to know love, truth, and gain insight to the afterlife. Whether their death was caused by unforeseen events, traumatic, or the natural aging process...life continues.

Examples of Evidential Information that may come through during a mediumship reading:

  • Names (I usually get middle names for some reason), dates, and upcoming special events
  • Hobbies / Interests
  • Personality/ Essence
  • Cause of death / Previous health issues
  • Physical description
  • Shared memories
  • Relationship to you
  • Current happenings going on within the deceased loved one’s living family members
  • Concerns/warnings of future events

When you can allow your heart to open, heal, and believe in life after death, this experience amazingly transforms grief into understanding and acceptance. After experiencing an out of body experience and traveling to the "other side" myself, I no longer fear death and have returned to enlighten others of the uncoditional love that awaits them not only after life but during present time as well. Prepare yourself to shed tears, laughter, and joy during this GODLY experience. Fee: $225.00 for 1 hr. Can be done in person or over the phone. A detailed description of how to prepare for your reading will be emailed to you at time of purchase. A $50.00 charge for each additional person attending session is requested as the energy of an additional person requires more energy on my part.



  $225.00     Single session  


  $50.00 each additional person


Writing on Chalkboard Business Intuitive Readings

Have an idea but don't know what to do with it?

Have you hit a crossroads with your current business?

Contemplating a partnership?

Are you tired of fumbling in the dark with your sales and marketing plans?


If any of this resonates with you, a specialized business reading may be just what you and your business need.

Over the years, I’ve helped both large and small business executives take their companies to the next level. As a psychic who has worked extensively in the fields of business expansion, creative development, and mastermind circles , I have a unique ability to tailor my guidance to help you with your business plan, marketing strategy, creative development, and more.

I also understand that this isn’t just your business, it’s your life. Having a specialized business reading with me is like getting insider information on what you need to do to make your company pop. Every idea you bring to the table or the ones that manifest in this exclusive masterminding session are confidential and all yours. Business ideas are a dime a dozen...successful ones are priceless! Each session is 2 hrs long and cost is $495. Sign up for a powerful punch of 3 - 2 hr sessions (total of 6) and save! Remember it's all a right off so let's get started!

                                                               $495.00                  $1200.00  3-pk


Numerology Readings

Numerology Readings

Numerology consists of a combination of numbers from your birth-date and name to reveal secrets about your personality and life path. With little tips from the Universe like that, how could you stray down the wrong path? Enjoy getting the edge on life through this interesting and all knowing compilation of facts and higher truths that your conscious mind may not quite be aware of yet. Learn what your karmic lessons this lifetime are all about, find out what challenges you bring with your incarnation, follow the monthly and yearly cycles to assist you with important decisions, family dynamics, relationship romance and more. These readings explain in detail all areas of your life written within a 20-30 page report that's all about you. Relationship compatabilty charts are also available. Chart price range:

Mini Individual chart (overview) $35.00

Full Individual chart (6 months) $125.00 (recommended)

Full Individual chart (1yr)  $150.00

Mini Relationship chart (overview) $65.00

Full Relationship chart (1yr) $175.00