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 We take pride in delivering world-class Intuitive and Healing services to all of our customers. Read what some of our satisfied clients have said about us!



“Your reading was very insightful. I find that your reading had a very healing effect on me and provided me with much needed guidance. You have given me hope on a love that I was about to give up on. I realize now that you are right. There is much work that I need to do on myself to allow our love to flourish. I can’t wait to see what our future has in store. In deepest gratitude.”

- Maricela M.

Shawn is AMAZING! She has given me a broader range of perspective and new angles that I had not seen before thru her sessions. I come away refreshed EVERY time! She has GREAT energy and a compassionate spirit. Shawn projects love and light.

Marisa Heminger

“I met Shawn officially at a holistic fair in Loveland Colorado. I kept walking by her booth (which was constantly busy) hoping to get a chance to talk with her about her amazing pieces of art. Little did I know how powerful those pieces of art really where. We finally bumped into each other while she was heading back to her booth and were able to introduce ourselves and talk for a bit. I followed her back to her booth and fell in love with the grids once I got up close. She was so helpful in helping me find just the right one. Once you start looking at all the colorful images it was next to impossible for me to choose on my own. They are amazing! Absolutely beautiful. I commissioned a piece to help me work on opening my heart chakra. The piece she presented me with is truly amazing. I also received a channeled message with my grid. It was so beautiful as well as personal. It explained so much for me. I have meditated with it on a regular basis and have really felt the power and connection with my grid. My channeled message has helped me to see that what I am doing is inline with what my plan or path is to be. Honestly, I want another one!! I would highly recommend these grids-pieces of art to anyone, whether you are just attracted to the beauty of it or if you are looking for a deeper connection in meditating. These pieces will provide you with exactly what you are looking for. Thank you so much Shawn, I will forever be grateful!”

- Jackie M.