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Create your own fresh and pure gemwater with this amazing new product. Given that our body is about 75% water, it's imperative that goodness goes in. Studies have shown that when you put healthy water into your body, healing happens within. These amazing crystal, once infused in water, actually tranform the water molecules into beautiful vibrant water crystals. Check out Dr. Emotos research about how water transforms via music, words, and crystals! The best yet is that there's NO more guess work of which crystals to use for which ailment or how to infuse the water hygienically. Whether it's by the glass or pitcher, you can even it get it to go! Add a little wine to the vitajuwel and taste the difference it makes. Even Dr. Emoto created a few of his own and named them Vision, Passion, and Golden Moments.

Visit Vitajuwel.com , pick your product, and then call 512-895-9557 to place your order. We are the only local distributor so please support our business and purchase through Inner Healing. When you order through us you'll save 5% on entire order for a limited time only to show our appreciation for your support!
You can pick and choose just one or get several. These products are of the highest quality so that you can taste the difference. Don't worry about coming to our store either, they can be shipped straight to you!


Please visit our contact page for specific questions or to place your order today!


Vitajuwel Emoto Vial and VIA (to go) Combinations



Passion       Golden Moments        Vision

Vitajuwel Vial and VIA (to go) Combinations

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