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In Person Retreats

Join Shawn Thompson for a 3 Day Retreat where she teaches you how to awaken your to your personal truth, connect with your intuition, and transform.

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Online Courses

Shawn offers several one hour, 6-12 week, and 30 day courses that focus on personal and spiritual growth topics. All reasonably priced for the beginner as well as the novice student.

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Movie & A Mantra

By combining the storyline of a powerful movie with a transformative mantra, both the mind and heart can process deep emotions that traditional therapy simply can't.

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Highlighted Events/Retreats

Earn Your Wings: A Celebration of Life After Death

3 Day Retreat
Estes Park, CO
Dates: June 16-18, July 28-30, Aug 25-27. Sept 29-1  
Is 2023 the year to finally start the healing journey of the heart? Are you ready to move from grief to relief after losing a Loved One and Earn Your Wings to fly side by side with them?
Healing the Heart after loss IS possible! Moving forward in your life is what your Loved ones wish for you! Their physical form is gone, but they are still very much connected to you emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. The healing comes from knowing they are still around, learning how to communicate with them through a new language, and allowing them to remain a part of your forward movement on the healing journey.
The miracle happens when you say YES and give yourself permission to live again. Join me for this 3 day Retreat in the majestic mountains of Colorado. I will help you release pain, identify what you need, and teach you how to receive signs from Heaven. Butterfly release ceremony on the 3rd day!

Early Bird special Only $1299

(After May 15 price increases to $1650) 

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Earn Your Wings

Susanne L.

I earned my wings! Thank you to Shawn Thompson for the awesome opportunity to participate in the Earn your Wings workshop. It really helped me to get unstuck in my grief journey. I especially liked the letter to a grieving heart. When I wrote the letter I know now for sure it was my son. The words just came to me without any real thought. When I read it I know it was a message from my son. It's exactly like he would talk not me. Thank you again Shawn for a truly uplifting opportunity.

Kim M.

I earned my wings! Thanks Shawn for the 3 day event! All of your events are so much fun, and help us grow! I have learned a lot about myself working with you. I would recommend your programs to everyone!! It's definitely worth investing in yourself! If you don't find yourself, and some kind of peace, it's hard to move forward. Thanks!

Earn Your Wings

Julie M.


Shawn Thompson words can not expressed how blessed I am that I was able to attend your 3 day event. I cried for all 3 days, but I know Monique B. is proud of me. ( I earned My Wings) Thank you for saving me so many times in the last 22 months. Your Program really helped me. Money for concert tickets $$$$. LOL. Learning to receive the signs from Monique everyday PRICELESS!!!! Much love from Both of us.

Soul-Centered Awakening™

Discover Your Personal Truth

3 Day Retreat (Estes park, CO)

 June 2-5, 2023

The Essence of a Soul-Centered Awakening™ is about discovering wisdom within. It is your soul's passion and purpose during a lifetime. Often, people think that life purpose is something that must be monumental in nature when in fact it is quite the opposite.
It is SIMPLE . It is AUTHENTIC. It is YOU.


What you will experience:

👉 3 magical days of Sacred Ceremony, Soul Connection, Self- Care, and Sisterhood

👉 The grounding power of the majestic Rocky Mountains and the healing waters of Lake Estes, Mary's Lake, and Lily Lake

👉 A Soul-Centered Awakening that connects you to your Higher-self and reveals your personal and authentic truths stored deep inside of you.

👉 A powerful union within yourself and other women as you join in sisterhood and commune with your tribe.

This experience will transform you on deep levels and move you towards discovering your personal truth and the wisdom you have to share with others this lifetime!🙌

Learn more about this retreat  HERE

Early Bird Special $1299 (reg. $1650) Space is limited to 10 people.

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Pick your potion of how you learn best! Below are online DIY classes that range from a single event to 4 and 6 week series. All classes are very affordable and there are many options available for you to participate in whatever level suits you best.

Mediumship Unveiled 

$297 For A Limited Time Only!
(reg. $497)

Mediumship Unveiled is a 4 week self paced online course.

You will learn the basics of connecting with your Loved ones, guides, and angelic realm across the veil. By the end of this course, you will have a general understanding of mediumship and how it is used to gain insight, connection, and wisdom from the heavenly realm. You will learn how to communicate, receive messages, and know when your Loved ones, guides, and angels are trying to get your attention. They have so much to teach you and want nothing more then to support ,guide, and love you from above.

Website Special Only $297 right now!

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Spirituality 101

Spirituality is a big topic. And when you are wanting more out of life and searching for deeper meaning, it can bring you to the awakening of your spiritual essence.

If you’ve been on your spiritual journey for a while, you may have hit a plateau. If you are new to it, you may not know where to start.

Cultivating a spiritual mindset can give your life meaning and help you grow as a person. So, whether you’re curious about spirituality or seeking guidance on where to start, it’s never too late to access your spirit and tune into the wisdom within.

Spirituality 101 is a 6 week virtual Masterclass Series course that will teach you all about spiritual development as it relates to such topics as:  - Law of Attraction - The Afterlife - Soul Contracts - Chakra System - Intuition - Angels/Spirit Guides and more.

For a limited time, this powerful and enlightening course is being offered for Only $97 (reg. $197).

It is self-paced, online, and packed with insightful information for your personal and spiritual growth!

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Spirituality 101

& Beyond 

Coming Soon! 

Spirituality 101 & Beyond is a 6 week virtual Masterclass Series course that will teach you all about spiritual development as it relates to such topics as:  - Divination - Mediumship - Intuition - Crystals - Angels/Spirit Guides and more.

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Movie and A Mantra:

The Shack

Coming Soon!

Live Virtual Event


Has anything ever happened in life that made you question your faith, become angry at God, or why bad things happen to innocent people?

If so, join me for an enlightening spiritual exploration about death, forgiveness, and faith. Movie and Mantra breaks down the psychological and spiritual lessons portrayed through the use of film to deliver powerful ways in healing the mind and heart of those watching. During this workshop, we will dive into the psychodrama of cinematherapy and how hidden messages reach our consciousness to help us figure out answers to our most pressing questions and promote deep healing.

Learn more about Cinematherapy HERE

Early Bird Special Only $33!

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Healing The Heart 

Thurs., March 17, 2022 6pm-7pm MDT (every Thurs. for 6 weeks)


Join me for a powerful 6 week virtual Masterclass Series (meets every Thursday) where you will learn how to heal your heart after loss at very deep levels. We will take a deep dive into all aspects of healing including the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual components involved in releasing the pain of loss. Early Bird special only $55 (reg. $99)

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