3 Pk Special: This special offer includes three 50 min. sessions that can be used anytime throughout the course of the program. It is in addition to the 3 sessions available to you in the program. They can be used all at one time (2 ½ hr) or divided up as needed, but only into 50 min increments, not minutes at a time (meltdown minutes will need to be purchased for that option). This offer is only $600 per 3 pk, originally valued at $750 for those not signed up for a program. You will not be charged this amount every month with your membership. It is a one time offer.

This is by far the cheapest way to purchase sessions overall if you think you will need additional support.

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Words Left Unspoken: Opening the Door

Healing and growth can only happen when you give it permission. Saying yes and putting your well being first is a great start!

What you'll get:

  • One on One private session with Shawn Thompson to connect directly to your Loved ones for insights and loving messages
  • Group and community support so that you feel connected and supported on your journey
  • An online program that is self paced yet allows for in depth┬álearning of the spiritual realm and the grieving process ahead of you.

(Results may vary. Additional services and support available throughout the course)