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Let me connect you to the highest wisdom available across the veil. Your Loved ones, Spiritual guides, and the Angelic realm have so much to tell you! Receive amazing insight, loving messages, and helpful guidance as we sit in conversation together.

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Mediumship Unveiled

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Special offer: $297

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As promised, direct access to my beginner level training course!

What you'll get:

  • A 4 week video course that provides materials and downloads for self-paced DIY learning 
  • Instant access to a beautifully crafted E-workbook and E-guidebook that compliments the course outline
  • E- Journal called 'My Spirit Journal' where you can record all your messages.
  • FREE copy of my E-Guide called An Intimate conversation Across the Veil
  • A basic understanding of Mediumship and how it is used to make a direct connection with your Loved ones, guides, and the angelic realm across the veil
  • Learn how to give and receive communication across the veil
  • Gain powerful insight, gentle guidance, and loving messages from those who have passed.

* This course does not guarantee a connection nor is it's instructor responsible for any communications received.

What People Are Saying:

Thank you so much for today. You made my day, my week, my month, and my year. You validated everything I believe in, so thank you. I spoke with my sister after our call and she cried for a while, all happy tears. She wanted to believe he was still with her, but she just couldn't. She said you changed that for her. She said she hasn't been at peace for a very, very long time, and you've given her closure and peace. Thank you for all that you do.

Jennifer H.

I was not sure I wanted to believe in all this BUT my mind has been changed! Shawn's reading was so all my boys! Their words, their attitudes and most of all she could have never known some of the things they sent across!! She is true and honest with their messages! I fully recommend for healing and peace!

Rhonda W.

This was incredibly solidifying and transformational for me! I now knew this was my calling and how I could help others who have walked a similar path just as I'd always wanted to do. Although I may have been a bit further than the others in my journey here, it was so needed for me to get back to structure and how to utilize my gifts. To know I wasn't alone, to feel accepted and not shamed, and to have the reassurance and knowledge I needed to move forward. I highly recommend Shawn to mentor and assist you in your journey. She is knowledgeable, her energy is so light and airy, her light shines very bright. The knowledge she brings is an incredible blessing and her class was affordable unlike so many others. I am looking forward to advancing with her and utilizing her mentorship.

Tanya R.