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Want to learn the highlights between you and another person in your life? Consider a Relationship Compatibility Soul Chart. This chart will share tons of highlights with about your life path, personality, Heart's desire and more as it relates to how you and another relate!

It can be used for mother/child, husband/wife, potential love interest, work relationships or any other combination you want.  One of the most comprehensive chart collections covering aspects of relationship connection.

It will also give you insight into your karmic lessons and challenges you and another are here to work through this life time. It can actually provide great insight into past, present, and future events.

Looking forward, it can give you tips and hints about what is to come and what to focus on each month individually and within the relationship and the year as a whole. Lot's of information and a great roadmap for moving forward and understanding the past as well as the present for only $99!. 

Please note, that you will need to have information related to date of birth and full name at birth. It's even better if you have access to time and location of birth for even more insight, but not imperative!

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Numerology/Soul Chart

Do you ever wonder about your life path, karmic lessons or about your life purpose? This incredible chart will shed light all aspects of YOU!

What you'll get:

  • A 12 month numerology chart that highlights your life path, birthday, karmic lesson, life challenges, and monthly/yearly cycles
  • An astrological summary that provides an overview of the three aspects of your personality and how to use them in everyday life
  • An in depth explanation of what you are here to accomplish this life time and intuitive insights into past, present, and future outlook

[ If time of birth is not available some chart information may not be applied ]

What People Are Saying:

Shawn is such a fun person to speak with. She energetic, genuine and makes me want more! Shawn confirmed to me that I am headed in the right direction with my thoughts on business. I have had an intuition of doing something “more” in my professional life for a long time now and she confirmed for me that I have my “more” and to go out and seize it! She is amazing, I loved every minute of it and HIGHLY RECOMMEND everyone have a reading done by Shawn.

Nina DeAngelo

I could really feel the sincerity and care that went into my numerology reading, which resonated with me on so many levels. Could not have asked for a more thorough and well thought out report. Thank you Shawn!

Sunny Y.

Wow! I never realized a numerology reading would resonate so much and be so accurate! I highly recommend getting this reading done.