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2 min. Ted Talks

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Join me as I share insight on various topics for thought, education, and discussion. I encourage you to think deeply about each topic and share them in a discussion with others so that you can make a difference in the world, one conversation at a time.


2 min. Ted Talks

Where Thought, Education, and Discussion makes a difference!


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Letting Go

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Program Overviews and Testimonials


Permission To Live Again: Life After Death

Join me as I share a quick overview of my 90 day transformational program called Permission To Live Again: Life After Death. This program is focused on helping you move forward after loss with your Loved ones by your side.

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Words Left Unspoken: Healing the Heart After Loss

Join me as I talk with Jennifer H. about her journey through the grieving process and how she was able to find peace, comfort. and connection with her Loved ones in Spirit by investing in herself and the transformational program called Words Left Unspoken: Healing the Heart After Loss.

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Testimonial: Permission To Live Again Program

She Said This Program Was Life Changing!

Testimonial: Permission To Live Again Program

The Relationship Doesn't Have To End!

Testimonial: Permission To Live Again Program

Spirit Said, "That's Not Your Rainbow!"

Testimonial: Words Left Unspoken-Healing The Heart Program

She hasn't cried in 3 days!

  Program Overviews

Mediumship Unveiled

4 Week Online Course

Soul-Centered Awakeningā„¢

90 Day Group Program

Words Left Unspoken

90 Day 1-1 Program

Permission To Live Again

90 Day 1-1 Program

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Live Readings

Live readings are a great way to see a sneak peek into what it's like to have a Medium reading. Your Loved ones will move mountains to get in touch with you to share loving messages, guidance, and wisdom from across the veil. Only they can offer secret messages in a way that only you would know it's really them coming through. Watch and be amazed.

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Live Reading

A Victory For Her Soul

Live Reading

Romeo Says Nope!

Live reading
Live Reading

You Blew Me Away!

Live Reading

Man Up, Son!