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Welcome, my name is Shawn Thompson.  I am a Spiritual Counselor, Intuitive Healer, and gifted Psychic Medium. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Texas A&M University, a Master’s in Counseling from St. Mary's University, and a Doctorate in Divinity from Universal Life Church.  I am also a Certified Crystal Therapist.  I have been in private practice for 22 years and I am the CEO and Founder of Inner Healing.

Although I may stand apart from others based on my credentials and experiences, I am no different than any one of you reading this.  It is my "soul" purpose to provide you with information, inspiration, and insight into the understanding that "We are all One" and do my best to provide loving guidance from our Higher Source.  Building and strengthening the core of Humanity is my goal and service in life.

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Shawn Thompson

Spiritual Counselor and Psychic Medium

As the owner of a Spiritual Sanctuary located in the majestic mountains of Estes Park, CO called Inner Healing, my intention is to provide personal and spiritual growth for those seeking it.  I have been helping individuals through Spiritual Counseling & Guidance for over 2 decades.  I have created two transformational programs and offer solo/group retreats centered around Spirituality,  self-discovery, and connecting to Spirit. My spiritual gifts of Mediumship allow me to channel profound messages of wisdom and guidance that heals the heart. And my academic background, knowledge, and experience in Counseling help balance mental health. All of this brings love and compassion to the forefront, allowing grace and humility to strengthen you during transformation and Spiritual growth. 


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True Testimonials

Rose Zagra

Words Left Unspoken Program

"I just wanted to share my experience with Shawn Thompson and her 90 day program “Words left Unspoken” was truly transformational. I was able to connect with my loved ones, heal part of my heart I thought would be broken forever, learn and understand the grieving process, and begin to reinvest back into myself. I highly recommend it to those of you who are struggling.

Thank you so much Shawn 💕"

Marisa L. 

"What can I say, as someone who has spent easily 20,000 dollars and years of time on grief therapy, spiritual development and life coaching; I have never felt as free and lifted from the feelings of regret, despair, guilt, confusion, and loss than with only one session with Shawn. She is not only spot on as a medium but her insights to guide me moving forward were so crystal clear to understand and left feeling light, energized and happy!!!!

For those who are drowning in the rough, rocky waters of grief, please call Shawn! I wish I would have met her years ago, she will help you set yourself free, swim to shore and walk into the sunny warm sun!!!!"

Lee Ann Ward Gallucci

Inner Healing

"My session with Shawn was amazing!!! She is warm, compassionate and very insightful. She immediately picked up on an issue that was blocking my growth and helped me pull my deepest truth out of the situation. I’m so grateful for her and her wonderful gift!"


Stephanie Shepherd

Inner Healing 

"Shawn is the REAL DEAL. She read my husband in front of me and it blew my mind. Not only did she explain so much about his feelings and why he was feeling that way due to his reading, but tying in his sign (Taurus) and astrology - it was incredible. Super talented and wonderful woman whom I now call an amazing friend."

Kim Cabler

Inner Healing 

"Shawn has always given me the most well thought out advice no matter what the situation might be. She has helped me with closure on things that I thought I could never get resolved. I greatly appreciate any bit of time in her presence. She is such a positive soul."

Vanessa Carpenter

Inner Healing 

"I've been Shawn's massage therapist for over 15 years. I saw her when her gifts arrived within her soul. Shawn is very honest, sincere with helping others! She is very educated living a holistic life! Shawn is very gifted and I believe in ALL she does. I would recommend her services for those who need answers, guidance, chakra readings, clearing and such. She's amazing!"

Laura Groat

Inner Healing

"My husband has struggled with abandonment issues for decades. He has tried different counselors but has never gotten to the root of the problem. One day Shawn was brought into our lives, even though we live thousands of miles apart. He had a session with her and received answers from his mother, father, step father, and a father in law who was the only real father he had ever known. It was so profound for him, I could see the relief in his face immediately. It gave him answers and the opportunity to put his past behind. Shawn has a kind, loving soul and with her educational experience as a counselor combined with her medium skills she produces results that we may have never reached. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has emotional pain. The cost is pennies next to the money we have already spent over the years."

Kelley Bailey

Words Left Unspoken Program

"I am new to the program within the last two weeks and I cannot say enough positives. I had to fight to be able to afford the program but I knew for certain it would help me and I was determined to make it happen. I want to reinvest in life. I am only in my first module and I have gone through it twice now and have had one reading. I am no longer crying all day and I have gained new coping skills that I guard myself with for challenging moments. I have a long way to go but I don't feel as tortured as I was before I started the program. This program is worth every penny to have your life back and to find peace with losing a loved one. You just have to work it. The content has taught me so much. Wish I didn't have to be here under these circumstances of losing my daughter but I am thankful for this program to push forward with life."



Kimberly Marsh

Words Left Unspoken Program

"“Words Left Unspoken”, Shawn Thompson’s 90 day healing program can only be described as phenomenal! Through Shawn I was able to connect with my husband and learned that he is okay and is no longer in pain. This brought me peace. Shawn delivered messages of love from my husband that brought me to tears, but they were HEALING tears. Shawn taught me that my husband truly is still with me in spirit. I am working on learning how to continue my relationship with my husband across the veil. Shawn has a gift. Not only does she fully understand the stages of grief and the impact grief has on your day to day life, but she is vested in helping YOU understand the process. She gives countless examples of ways you can help yourself and challenges you to sometimes “think outside the box”. Personally, doing this helped bring what can only be described as a “calm” within me. This is an invaluable feeling when you are grieving and I thank Shawn for sharing her gift and wisdom with me."

My Story...

I have learned many lessons from life, clients, and Spirit during my journey.  One truth that I can ALWAYS come back to is.... God shows up as soon as you surrender and not a moment sooner.  I have been blessed with many experiences that continuously teach me patience, humility, trust, forgiveness, faith, and surrender.  I hold myself to every request that I would ask of my clients.

During a very difficult and transitional period in my life, I was granted a spiritual experience that blessed me with knowing truths about God and Love. In 2006 I crossed into the light and was asked to come back to Earth and share my gifts with the world. I was gifted with information and knowledge beyond what our human minds remember of where we all come from.  I was shown spiritual truths that provide comfort and reassurance that we are on the right path in our journey of life.  I was told to share this information with others who are seeking further knowledge, spiritual understanding, and personal growth.

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