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Spiritual Growth & Development

A spiritual counselor helps guide you along your path in spiritual growth and enlightenment.  Whether you are looking for a way to put grief into perspective, overcome a specific obstacle or find your life’s purpose, exploring the depths of your inner soul requires grace, humility, and guidance.  While spiritual counselors will listen much like a traditional counselor does, they can also employ modalities outside the realm of traditional counseling.  Utilizing extra sensory gifts such as intuitive insights, connections with your guides and the angelic realm as well as spiritual healing and energy work are all gifts accessed through a deep inner connection with a Divine source.  Combined with additional modalities of healing such as chakra balancing, crystal therapy, astrology, numerology, one can gain a complete understanding of self and the universe.

Spiritual counseling and development can offer many opportunities for personal growth.  Exploring areas of the past that hold you back can offer a chance for you to let go and redefine.  Identifying themes that show up throughout your life can allow you to keep what's working and discard all that no longer serves your Highest good.  Spiritual work can also provide deep insight and emotional, mental, and spiritual understanding regarding your relationship to yourself and others.  I encourage everyone to work on themselves at some level to experience the sweetest part of the soul.  Learning to love each aspect of yourself along the way with compassion and humility is the biggest challenge of all.

Spiritual Counseling allows you to move beyond issues of the past.  It supports you in embracing the present and manifesting your future desires.  Spiritual Development does not contain a roadmap from Point A to Point B.  Instead, it is a lifelong journey towards enlightenment that allows you to develop your spirit as a whole, bringing together your experiences and feelings with supportive tools and techniques.

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Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling 3 Pack

This special offer includes three 50 min. sessions that can be used anytime throughout the duration we work together. They may include intuitive, mediumship, numerology charts, or spiritual counseling services. This is by far the cheapest way to purchase spiritual development sessions overall if you think you will need additional support. Program members get $150 off!

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Professional Spiritual Counseling
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Soul-Centered Awakening™: Activate Your Personal Power

Join me for a VIP 12 week experience as we take an exciting journey where you will discover inner strength, your own authenticity, and a powerful guiding force that will never let you down when you need it. This 90 day program is jam packed with guidance, insight, and wisdom from your Higher-self, guides, and the spiritual realm. It incorporates aspects of Astrology, Numerology, Intuition, Manifestation, and Storytelling.

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