10 Signs You Might Be an Old Soul & What That Means

spiritual development Jul 19, 2021
10 signs you are an old soul

Would you describe yourself as a generally calm, wise, and loving person? Do you tend towards empathy, and find that you need a good, long recharge post-social interaction? It may just be that you are an old soul. If this sounds like you, I invite you to read on and see what this could mean for this lifetime.

Old souls are those that have experienced a greater number of lifetimes than those around them. Being reborn many times before offers the soul a more profound understanding of life. Old souls tend to have this energy of knowing, as if they have seen and done it all before.

Here are 10 common signs that may indicate that you are an old soul:

  1. You are a highly empathetic individual.

Empathy is the sensation of truly feeling what others are feeling. Some empaths can fully experience situations as if they were someone else and are even able to gain insight into the thoughts of others. If you find yourself taking on the stress, joy, and pain of others around you, it is likely you are a highly empathetic individual.

  1. You tend to make deeper, more meaningful connections.

It can be difficult for you to make ‘small talk,’ as this might feel disingenuous to your true nature. You have an innate desire to know people intimately, and you establish relationships in your life that are in accordance with this principle.

  1. Material possessions seems to matter a little less to you.

You’ve never been one for designer brands, having a fancy car, or boasting a lifestyle of wealth. Rather, you are comfortable so long as your basic needs are being met.

  1. You need re-charge periods after social interaction.

If you find yourself tired or drained after social interaction, you might need some alone time to recharge. For you, being alone is a gift, so you can devote your time to daydreaming, meditation, or a creative pursuit.


  1. You put a lot of energy into making a difference.

Whether globally or within your community, you are committed to spreading love, harmony, and peace to those in your life. You can be deeply saddened by the state of the world (and the news may be a big no-no for you!) and remedy this sadness by taking action to serve others in some way.


  1. You might feel like an outsider.

If you are an old soul, it may take some time before you are able to find your people. Until then, you may feel like you are on the outside of social situations, and never quite able to fully mesh with the crowd.

  1. You are able to step back from your emotions.

Even in times of intense emotion, you can remove attachment from the severity of the emotions. You tend not to get lost in anger, or sadness, rather you are able to see the bigger picture, and can mindfully engage with passing feelings.


  1. You are wise beyond your years.

You may be the person in the friend group everyone relies on for advice because you seem to have an edge that others your age don’t.


  1. You aren’t afraid to be the black sheep.

While you may have feelings of being an outsider, you aren’t afraid to challenge social norms. You are comfortable standing in your quirks, and even celebrate them as a part of what makes you uniquely you.

  1. You have underlying sense of connection and oneness with all of creation.

Through it all, you feel a constant divine sense that you are intricately connected with all that is. Sweating the small stuff isn’t in your nature because you are able to access a part of you that sees that you are being divinely guided by forces that are interwoven with you.

If these sounds like you, you are likely an old soul. That is, the way you perceive all parts of life may just be different than that of your peers. It is important you protect your energy and understand that these quirks are an essential part of your journey in this lifetime. Being an old soul is a gift worth leaning into!