5 Myths About Mediumship

spiritual development Jul 16, 2021
5 Myths About Mediumship


Have you ever tested a Medium during a reading? Or perhaps you were too scared to book a reading for fear of judgement from above? Understanding Mediumship beyond what you might have learned on TV or the internet will help you have a better experience during a reading. In this article I will debunk some of the common myths about Mediumship and how communication with the spiritual realm really works.


5 Myths About Mediumship


1. I have to schedule my reading in person for it to work.


A Medium reading doesn’t need to be in person for it to be successful, it can happen online, via phone, email, or even text too. There is no quality loss if the reading takes place via Skype/Zoom or other online communication tools. Just make sure that you are in a quiet place, you won’t be disturbed, and your internet connection is up to speed. It would be a pity to struggle with noise or bad quality connection during the reading. But do realize, electricity is very easy for Spirit to manipulate so, at times, they will disconnect the call or connection when they are trying to make a point!


2. Mediumship is unchristian like.


Many Christians will be the first to say that it is the Devil's work. It's no different from praying to the Angels or Jesus or God. Think about it, if your Loved ones are in Heaven, with Jesus and God, don't you think it's ok to talk with them just like you talk to the Angels, Jesus, and God? You are simply connecting with those in Heaven. Even the Vatican gave its blessing back in 2016 for healers to use their gift for good. If you feel uncomfortable, then certainly hold off from communicating with the dearly departed. If you are scared, there is nothing to be scared about- good and ethical Mediums are not conjuring up the bad guys. If you are just not sure, but open to it, then trust that all is good, and your Loved ones will help you feel safe and protected by sharing loving message with you. 


3. You have to be born with the gift.


Not true, Mediumship can be developed. Mediumship uses a particular part of the brain that, with practice, can be developed. We are all intuitive and have the ability to expand on that. When you feel your Loved around, that's because they are trying to connect with you, and you are tuning into them. It’s similar to when you feel someone watching you or you are able to finish someone’s sentences before they do. Mediumship is not something we are taught in Sunday school or feel comfortable speaking about because of all the religious dogma in the world. Truth be known, it is our spiritual birth right and is governed by a physical part of the brain known as the Penial Gland (also known as the third-eye). Over the years and because of poor diet, pharmaceutical drugs, and fluoride in our water systems, the pineal gland has become calcified which has lessened our innate ability to connect with the spiritual realm. Through organic diet, clean water, alternative medicine, and meditation anyone can open up to such spiritual gifts as telepathy, intuition, mediumship etc.


4. Mediums should be able to tell me specific details that I want to know, or they are fake.


Mediums are just the messengers and cannot force information from the Spirit realm. Not can they determine who will show up. The job of the Medium is simply to be a voice for the Spirit realm.  Although evidential information (which include names, dates, personality traits, hobbies etc.) is part of a reading, it cannot be demanded or commanded. When put on the spot to deliver certain details like a special nickname or the name of a favorite pet, the ego of the reader immediately kicks in and stops the flow of information. The connection is weakened at this point because the Medium wants to get it right. This is not how the Spirit realm communicates and unfortunately it slows down the communication with Spirit.


5. You have to wait a specific amount of time after a loved one's passing before you can have a session because the Soul has to get adjusted before they can communicate.


From my experience this is completely untrue. I have received validating messages from Souls who have passed within a few hours and even ones who are about to transition. The right time to schedule a reading is when you feel able to handle the emotions that arise from the communication. Yes, there is a period of adjustment that your Loved one will go through upon their arrival in the Spirit realm but it does not necessarily interfere with communication. If you want to be respectful of their journey and feel as though you need to allow time for them, then that is a personal preference. They are always around you, never too busy for you, and will make themselves available in some way to let you know they are ok.