Crystals, Water, & Moon Magic: A Powerful Tool for Manifestation

spiritual development Jul 19, 2021
Using crystals to manifest

What if I told you the Universe was your playground? That anything you can dream of, think of, desire, or need could be yours. I am going to let you in on the biggest, little secret: it is all possible for you through the power of manifestation. 

Manifestation is nothing to take lightly. You can change your entire life’s path, align with your highest self, and relish in the abundance of God’s love and grace through intentional manifestation practices. There are many forms: visualization exercises, meditation, rituals, etc. However, a powerful practice I have adopted into my rituals is crystal infused water.

Crystal therapy and healing are ancient practices used for a variety of purposes. Because crystals have an incredibly unique power, they can be harnessed to manifest our deepest life’s wishes. They are composed of a unique matrix that makes them ideal for absorbing, releasing, and catalyzing energy.  When we set intentions with crystals, we are giving this energy direction and telling the Universe what it is we want or need. The crystal then magnifies this energetic focus and accelerates the manifestation process.

Water is pure life force. We need water to keep our bodies sustained and healthy, just as all living things thrive in, around, and because of water. Water is the essence of Earthly existence and contains energy in its purest state. When charged with the power of crystals, water becomes a vessel through which energy can enter your body directly. The energy from the crystals mixes with your own, thus shifting your vibrations into harmony with whatever it is you seek.

In order to reap the full benefits of water infused with crystals, you must charge the crystals with your intention. There are a wide variety of ways in which you can do this, but I highly recommend using the power of the Moon. The Moon rules over our intuitive selves, and when we engage with the Moon, we are tapping into an ancient current of energy. Moon water infused with crystals is an especially effective manifestation tool. To take full advantage of the Moon’s magic, I recommend aligning your ritual with New or Full Moons:

  • New Moon energy is great for new beginnings, fresh starts, setting intentions, and gaining clarity.
  • Full Moon energy is ideal for releasing, reflecting, healing, and welcoming abundance.

To charge your crystals and water with the Moon’s energy, simply leave the water and crystals out in the Moon’s light (or lack thereof) overnight. Make sure you know your crystals before you place them in water- some are toxic and you don’t want to drink toxic water! As you are setting your items outside to charge, engage in a visualization practice to ensure the objects have a direction in which to point. Envision yourself as already having what you desire: take a moment to see how it feels, what it sounds like, and even what it tastes like.

I suggest using a product like a Vitajuwel to start with, as it will guarantee the purest, most potent, and direct source of energy from both the crystals and water. Head over to my store and pick your favorite combo to start working with today.

Our energy bodies are transcendent, eternal, and exist beyond the physical world’s illusions in a place where all is possible, and our potential is infinite. The ancient powers of water, crystals, and the Moon are a highly potent combination that is sure to elevate your energy body and vibrations to match whatever it is you desire. If you get into the habit of consciously noticing all the ways in which your manifestations are working, you will soon come to recognize the wonderous, untapped magical potency inside of you all along.