How to Prepare for a Medium Reading

spiritual development Mar 14, 2022
Psychic Medium

How to Prepare for a Medium Reading

So, it’s your first medium reading! First of all, I want to congratulate you for investing in your personal wellness by connecting with loved ones who have passed. This isn’t an easy decision for most, so I applaud you for opening your heart and mind to this experience. Preparing for your first reading may feel a little intimidating, but I am here to ease those nerves so you can have the radiant, powerful, healing session that you deserve.

Here are 5 things you should do to get ready for a reading with a medium:

  1. Choose the right medium for you.

    Be sure to read your medium’s website intimately to ensure that your values and theirs are in alignment. You will want someone compassionate and deeply empathetic – someone who can understand your needs and where you are in your grieving process. I advise avoiding those who make grandiose promises that you will be ‘cured from grief forever in one session!’, but rather offer transcendent, healing experiences personalized to your specific needs. Furthermore, Mediums who offer privates sessions guarantee that you will receive a personalized reading and protect your privacy rather than those who only read in group sessions.


  1. Have an open mind. It is psychically impossible for your medium to know every ounce of detail about you and your loved one. If you enter the session with the intention of testing or quizzing your medium, you will leave dissatisfied. If you begin the reading with an open heart and ready to receive whatever comes your way, you are likely to gain so much more out of your session.


  1. Spend some time thinking about your loved one(s). Before you begin your session, it is important that you invite your loved ones into the session. Talk to them in your head, let them know you are going to see a medium, and ask that they present themselves with clear communication.


  1. Write down any initial thoughts or feelings post-session. Keep a journal handy, as it will help you process your experiences after the reading. Be sure to note any prominent sensations in your notebook and share these impressions with your medium as you see fit. Medium readings can be emotional heavy and its important you have a grounded place in which to explore what you are experiencing internally.


  1. Consider your current state of grief. Whether the loss is recent or not, doesn’t necessarily matter for a reading to have profound impacts. I advise that my clients mindfully consider how they are and how they have been handling their grieving state. Thoughtful reflection may ease any unreasonable expectations on your end and will give your medium a better idea of where you are at emotional and spiritually.


It is my genuine hope that this has eased any pre-session jitters for you. Remember that my sessions are a safe space in which I invite you to come and bare your soul just as it is. It is important that my clients feel totally and fully comfortable right from the start. If you have any further questions or concerns before you begin your session, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!