Signs From Heaven

spiritual development Jul 16, 2021
Signs From Heaven

There are so many ways your Loved ones from above try to communicate with you. They try to connect with you every day. To receive guidance and comfort from them, you only have to be open and aware of the signs they send you. These signs, symbol, and visits are not just coincidences either! Once you start noticing them and really acknowledge them with gratitude, they will provide an abundance of comfort and reassurance that your Loved ones are always around you. Below are some of the main ways they send you sweet messages from across the veil. What signs have you received?


Signs from Heaven


  • Red/Blue birds
  • Butterflies/dragonflies
  • Songs on the radio
  • Pennies/dimes
  • As Apparitions/Ghosts
  • Flickering of lights
  • Turning the TV on or off 
  • Knocks on the walls/ floor
  • Whisper of your name
  • Dreams and visits when you're sleeping
  • Visions
  • Scents/smells
  • Sensing a presence
  • Synchronicities
  • Rainbows
  • Numbers
  • Memorabilia
  • Feathers
  • Messengers


Extra Tips to Keep in Mind

  1. Nature is much higher in vibration and an easy way for souls to send signs to family and friends grieving for them. Butterflies (sometimes dragonflies) and birds (often male cardinals) are common signs sent to the living as reassurance their deceased loved ones are okay and still near. 
  2. Things that are familiar and meaningful are used by deceased Loved ones to make their presence known to living loved ones. Tobacco smoke, perfume, a particular flower or even specific foods cooking -any scent that was distinctively related to that person can be a sign from them. Or you may hear your grandfather's favorite old song playing at the mall; they are with you at that moment. Say hello and be thankful for their message of love.
  3. Souls/Spirits of the dearly departed are pure energy. Since electronics use energy frequencies, it is something deceased loved ones can easily use for communication; and its especially meaningful to those still living.  Examples from my clients include one who suddenly received an old email a deceased loved one wrote in the past (before death) and another who received an old voice mail; there was even on who had an old pic of her loved one show up on Social Media.  And yet another who would continuously change the TV station to a show he used to previously watch! These all represent a soul reaching out and saying hello or showing support during times of struggle (as loved ones often do).
  4. Intuitive communication often comes in the form of your thoughts and memories. Spirit can intuitively put a memory or thought on your mind as a message of love or reassurance.  The same is true for dreams; our subconscious mind is actually much more intuitive than our conscious mind.  When a loved one appears in a dream, it's their way of saying hello. These types of dreams feel very real and are often visits from above.
  5. It is very common to inherit or receive items that deceased loved one once owned. Jewelry, furniture, clothing, etc.  When you feel compelled to wear or use one of their items, like grandma's favorite ring, or dad’s ball old cap they are with you at that moment!  In Medium Readings, deceased loved ones often tell their living relatives that the appreciate them wearing (or using) these items because it keeps the connection ongoing. The love goes both ways!
  6. You might see a loved one or pet in the room, or in your mind's eye, when you are fully awake. They may look transparent, semi-transparent, whitish or in full color. A vision might come in the form of a loved one’s face in the mirror, a window, or even briefly superimposed on another person's face!
  7. Sensing a strong or heavy energy presence in the room or a breeze going by you can be a sign that a spirit is reaching out to you. Some people feel a sensation of love and peace, a sudden weight on the bed, or wake up at the exact time that a loved one has passed.
  8. Look out for meaningful numbers that show up on license plates, sales receipts, food checks, etc. It may be your loved one's birth date, anniversary or date of passing showing up. When you see one, take comfort in that fact that your loved one is reaching out to say “hi.”
  9. There is a saying called “pennies from heaven”. Often times our Loved ones will put a coin (usually pennies or dimes) on the ground or somewhere inconspicuous just for you to find! Pay attention to these moments and pick them up, say thank you, and know they are around you sending pennies from heaven.