Spirit Day: The BIG Conjunction!

spiritual development Apr 12, 2022
Jupiter Neptune Conjunction


Jupiter Neptune Conjunction 2022: The Meaning Of This Ultra-Rare Meeting

Put on some rose-colored glasses, and look beyond the veil of consciousness.

Today, April 12, 2022, is called Spirit Day: Jupiter meets Neptune in the sign of Pisces for the first time in 166 years. This rare alignment hasn’t occurred since 1856!

Spirit Day increases our connection with the divine. You may feel the presence of guardian angles or even departed relatives. It’s a time to surrender and let go and allow change to come in. It’s a time of miracles. We look at our own shadows as well as the good we want to do in the world. It’s a balancing point we have to work out until the Summer Solstice on June 21-22. Be willing to look at them in a deeper way to make a deeper change.

When Jupiter and Neptune finally conjunct in this long-awaited meeting, we’re in for not only a bit of luck and expansion but a serious cultural overhaul and spiritual reset. This Jupiter-Neptune conjunction also inspires a deep sense of connectedness. This energy could allow you to forge deep spiritual bonds with people in your life, which can be soul-nourishing—so long as they don’t limit your ability to care for yourself. Truth be told, it doesn’t get deeper than Neptune in Pisces. This transit hasn’t just been about our collective and individual awakening to spirit. It has bestowed the world with a sense of universal empathy—but more importantly, it’s encouraging us to tap into the interconnectedness that unifies us all.

You might think the rise of astrology, reiki healing, lightworkers, and out-of-body experiences in the last decade are merely a coincidence, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s asking you to create exactly the type of life we want to live.

On this day all things creative, spiritual and artistic move front and forward. You see, Pisces energy has this dreamy, ethereal, spiritual quality about it that allows us to access parts of ourselves that are less tangible and more difficult to express. Also, Piscean themes such as compassion, empathy, mysticism, and spirituality, whereas Neptune governs the invisible realm and subconscious mind. A symbol of divine interconnectedness and transcendence, Neptune dissolves the boundaries that exist between heaven and earth, reality vs. fantasy. I won’t sugarcoat it: we’ve all been forced to change over the last couple of years. There is the pre-covid version of you and now, you are solidifying the post-covid version of you. We are starting to really process how much change has occurred in our lives and how to move forward in a way that really lights us up. If there is one thing this transit will encourage, it’s to help you more deeply connect with this light inside of you and then express it in ways truly personal, unique, and healing.

During this time, the collective will continue exploring themes surrounding everything from the relationship that exists between human and spirit, to one’s ability to cultivate their soul mission in the physical dimension. And if you take a closer look at the events that have unfolded since the beginning of this transit, you can probably pick up on the incredible transformation that’s taken place when it comes to the collective’s perception of faith, and divinity.

The meaning of “soul searching” couldn’t be more aligned with the essence of Neptune-ruled Pisces, which has truly been an essential component of our awakening process. There is a universal vibration emanating from each and every one of us, and this transit is here to help us make sense of it.


If you really want to up the ante on this Jupiter and Neptune magic, be sure to spend some time on Tuesday in meditation, yoga, creative writing or any other artistic pursuit. You might have insights about yourself and your place in the world that could be life-changing. Find a way to be open to your own inner wisdom, as Jupiter will expand your ability to connect with it and Neptune can allow you to find a way to share it. This conjunction may just help you turn more of those dreams deep inside you into reality. Remember, you are a spiritual being living a human experience; therefore, your challenge is to elevate while remaining grounded.

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