The Big 3: Personalized Zodiac Secret Sauce for a Better Way to Live

spiritual development Jul 20, 2021
Astrology sun, moon, and rising sign

What do your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs really mean?

If you have dabbled in astrology at all, you are likely most familiar with your Sun sign. In the West, when someone asks what your Zodiac sign is, the answer we usually give is our Sun sign. But in actuality, your Sun sign is only one sliver of an entire natal chart that represents all pieces of your life.

When looking at your natal chart, there are 3 key points that map out who you are, your internal motivations, and how others perceive you. These points (also known as ‘The Big 3) are your Sun sign, your Moon sign, and your Rising sign. Living in accordance with your Big 3 can truly unlock your fullest potential. When you have a firm grasp on what makes you tick, you will find that you are naturally inclined to make decisions in alignment with your highest self. With that being said, it’s important to truly understand the significance of these signs in your life. So, what do The Big 3 have to say about you?

Sun Signs

Sun signs are mapped by whichever constellation the sun is “in” when you are born. All celestial bodies travel through cycles which rotate through the various constellations of the Zodiac. The sign in which the Sun is presently “in” changes every 30 days; however, your Sun sign is reflective of the sign the Sun was in at your time of birth and that does not change. In short, your Sun sign is your identity. It is the energetic vibration through which you exist, and the force that drives you towards your highest self. The Sun sign is a helpful indicator for how you might enjoy spending your time, how you recharge your energy, and how you show up in this life. It is the piece of you that spends the most time in the forefront of your life, basking in the sunshine of existence for all the world to see.

Moon Signs

Moon signs are determined by the placement of the moon at the time of birth. Like the sun, the moon moves through the constellations, meaning the sign in which its “in” changes about every 2 and a half days; your personal Moon sign will always remain the same. Moon signs are a glimpse into your inner world. They capture how you feel under the surface and influence how you process your emotions. They also work with (or against) your Sun sign to shape your psyche and overall personality. If you have conflicting Sun and Moon signs, you might feel at odds with yourself, as the Sun sign will manifest in your outer world and the Moon governs your inner world. Moon signs are the piece of us that comes alive when we are alone, quiet with our thoughts, and processing emotions. They are underneath the surface and shape our emotional depth.

Rising Signs

Risings signs (or your Ascendant) is the Zodiac sign of your 1st House in your natal chart. In simpler terms, your Rising sign denotes whichever constellation was on the Eastern horizon at your time of birth. It is important to know your exact time of birth, as our planet moves through its own celestial cycle and the constellation on its horizon changes every 2 hours. Your personal Rising sign will not change, as it is reflective of the time in which you were born. Consider your Ascendant sign as the front door of your home – it is the first impression you leave on the world, how people see you, and your social personality. It is also representative of your physical body, and outward appearance (including style preferences!). Rising signs are the piece of you that greets the world, and who you are when you show up.

Living in accordance with your Big 3 can be a truly transcendent experience. When you have a strong grasp on how your Big 3 interact with one another, and have studied their meanings in various Zodiac signs, you are likely to unlock pieces of yourself that you didn’t know were there. Exploring your Big 3 is a greatly rewarding endeavor and is sure to bring you closer to embodying your highest self.  

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