The Most Common Angel Numbers and Their Meanings

spiritual development Mar 10, 2022
Angel numbers

Most Common Angel Numbers & Their Meaning

Angels and spirit guides have been known to communicate with us through symbols, images, and synchronicities. Though they do not intervene directly with human activities, if we have the tools to be able to spot and interpret their guidance, you may find that you feel less alone and more equipped than you previously believed for this journey of life.

Angel numbers are numbers and number sequences that stand out to you, typically during an important moment or during a time of change. Have you ever glanced at your watch exactly at 3:33 and then perhaps noticed later that day that the car you have been behind for miles has ‘333’ in its license plate? This is an example of angel numbers at work. Each sequence carries a unique vibrational energy that corresponds with a different message from your angels and spirit guides. It is important we learn to pay attention to these so we can heed their guidance and follow along on our intended path. Here are some common sequences and what they might mean if you find them popping up around you:


The number 111 contains two significant numbers: 1 and 11. The number one symbolizes independence, motivation, and choice. It can also represent new beginnings, releasing what hasn’t been working for you and leaning into success. 11 indicates your ongoing journey of self-discovery towards your soul’s mission. Combined, 111 means your spirit guides and angels are supportive of a new adventure you may be embarking on.


222 is the number of expansion and growth. It can represent a new cycle in your life, indicating that a chapter is opening up for you. This new chapter will be heavily focused on growth and lessons and 222 shows that you are being divinely guided.


333 represents manifestations coming to fruition and prayers answered. 333 beckons you to remain grateful for all of the blessings you have in your life and shows you that you are being heard. It means that your angels and spirit guides are supportive of you moving forward into your goals; you are being held.


The number 777 is reassurance that you are on the path towards something better. Maybe you are experiencing a slump in your life and find that 777 is popping up for you regularly – this will be a sign of better things to come. You must continue to put in the work to get your soul where it wants to be but the rewards will be powerful.


999 represents conclusion and completion. Seeing 999 is an indicator that a prominent cycle in your life is coming to a close – for the better. It is a symbol of shedding what is no longer in alignment with your highest self so you can work to lean into things that raise your vibrations and elevate your soul. The important message here is to be willing to let go, hanging on to things that aren’t working will not serve you.

With any message, it is important to consider how it might relate to your own life. While these numbers tend to have universal meanings (as described above), they are virtually meaningless if you don’t consider how these themes are at play for you. If these sequences have been popping up for you, I invite you to mindfully reflect on the areas of your life they might impact. Remember, you are being divinely guided! It is important we train ourselves to listen.